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Save time, reduce user errors, and eliminate dual user entry through our access control integration solution.

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As a security manager of a property, you probably receive many requests for user updates a day. You have to manage separate access control systems to make these updates, and we know that’s a pain. It takes time, it’s not efficient, and it poses a security risk. We know because we’ve built a solution, one that streamlines the process and makes for a smoother user experience. Our security software platform, Steward, does all the work. By integrating separate access control systems together, Steward syncs the necessary data for easy and secure access. 

In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency and security are increasingly important and more difficult to come by. Through using our solution, you won’t have to manually enter user info twice, you’ll reduce user errors, and you’ll save yourself and your employees time and hassle while further securing your property.


Real-Life Scenarios


–  Let’s say you’re a property manager, and you need to manage users on two separate access control systems. Doing so isn’t a problem when there’s a handful of users. But when you have 2000 tenant badges you need to activate in two separate systems, the process quickly becomes burdensome, error-prone, and at-risk. Our access control solution, though, syncs the user info for you, eliminating manual entry, reducing user errors, and allowing you to focus on other aspects of your job. 

–  Let’s say you’re a tenant in a building, and you want to use your own existing security credentials for your employees. You have six floors you’re using and many employees working on said floors. Every time an employee needs access to a floor they don’t work on, every time an employee leaves, or a new one is hired–you have to email the property manager to update user credentials. Sometimes that means several emails within a few hours, and it could also mean waiting at least 24 hours for everything to update properly. With our access control systems integration, we remove the time delay and automatically make those user updates in all of the integrated systems for you.

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Steward, as mentioned above, connects different access control systems together. But Steward does so much more. It’s a flexible connectivity infrastructure for integration of many different applications and services, from return to work to elevator security solutions.

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