Everbridge Case Study

braXos and Everbridge Create Real-Time Critical Communication Solution for Security and Incident Response

In today’s uncertain world, organizations need to be prepared for the worst and ready to take action in the event of an emergency. Being prepared and having the right information at your fingertips at the right time is crucial for mass notification services across a mobile and globally distributed workforce. With employees spread out across multiple locations, most organizations need real-time location data to quickly communicate with people in an emergency situation. braXos is at the forefront of innovative security software technology and is dedicated to helping these organizations creatively, securely and reliably connect their enterprise with applications and/or physical security/ building systems.

braXos has taken physical security to the next level by joining forces with Everbridge – a recognized leader of SaaS-based unified critical communications solutions – to develop the Everbridge Intelligent Profiles™ for Security and Incident Response. This powerful collaboration is a force to be reckoned with and delivers a security solution that works together to integrate Everbridge’s critical communications technology with multi-factor location awareness data to find, identify and reach employees at all times, regardless of their location. The solution
also ensures that all employee information can be quickly viewed and easily accessed in a crisis situation.

Critical Communication Challenges

From the pharmaceutical industry to enterprise-level corporations such as financial institutions/consulting firms, to college campuses, any type of organization that is spread out within multiple buildings and locations can benefit from the Intelligent Profiles solution. A central challenge that enterprise-level companies are facing today is having limited information on the whereabouts of their employees and no way of verifying their exact location in the event of a crisis. In addition, synchronizing the Human Resources database to ensure that only current employees are still active in the system is a huge task.

A prime example of this type of communication challenge was present at Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The company has expansive R & D operations on multiple continents and employees located around the world. The Global Physical Security team at Alexion was looking for a global, scalable solution to ensure effective communication to their associates whether at work, home or on the road. A major difficulty was being able to proactively communicate with everyone in case of an emergency such as an active shooter, fire, explosion, natural disaster, or terrorist attack. “It is extremely important at Everbridge to listen to our
customers’ needs and develop a solution that helps solve their main security issues. Our customers were looking for a central security console with mass communication capabilities integrated with physical access control, video management systems, and fire alarm panels. Our collaboration with braXos allowed us to introduce an out of the box solution – Intelligent Profiles™ for Security and Incident Response that addressed their security concerns and improved overall safety for our valued customers,” states Annie Asrari, Senior Product Manager at Everbridge.

braXos and Everbridge Bring the Right Ingredients to the Table

Intelligent Profiles™ for Security and Incident Response was launched to help companies such as Alexion with their critical communication challenges. Alexion can now effectively communicate during all types of incidents by harnessing “The Internet of Things” to trigger automated two way communications. “braXos collaborated with Everbridge to bring a cutting edge solution to the table that improves emergency notification by ensuring all employee information can be quickly viewed and easily accessed at all times and in all places to help prevent non-communication during crisis events,” states Tom Skoulis, Chief Connection Officer at braXos. “We are excited to bring this solution to market together with Everbridge and create a unique integrated security solution that is improving employee safety and incident response throughout the world.”

Main Benefits of This Unique Solution

The braXos vision is simple: to integrate and connect systems to share important data and deliver information to global organizations in order to protect and secure their workforce. Being able to capture important employee information and integrate with a company’s security system has significantly improved mass communication during an event or crisis. As more companies expand their mobile workforce and the need for an integrated security and communications solution continues to grow, the Everbridge/braXos solution will be available to help businesses and organizations quickly locate, reach out and communicate with their people, at any location, to ensure their safety.

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