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Property managers recognize the value of integrated and centralized technology management, but until recently they haven’t had a clear path to achieving this goal. Enter braXos.

Solutions designed to enhance the experiences within your building.



A flexible and secure solution for integrating applications and services. Steward’s rich set of connectors enables active monitoring and bi-directional communication across a wide range of data sources. Easy to configure, implement, and manage, Steward and its library of connectors establishes the foundation for evolving disparate systems into a unified physical security ecosystem.

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LiftOff is an app-based touchless elevator solution that leverages the Steward integration platform to enable safe, secure and convenient vertical transportation in residential and commercial buildings. LiftOff puts elevator control in the hands of users through the intuitive smartphone app while providing building managers with increased control over building security by limiting access to authorized floors. It can also be integrated into tenant and resident apps developed by property managers.

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The braXos library of connectors features more than 100 system-specific connectors that support a wide range of access control, elevator, visitor management, enterprise software, building management, return to work and emergency notification systems. They enable fast integration to Steward with no programming and are authored using industry software development standards.

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Solutions Specific to You

braXos is a global developer of building security and connectivity solutions that enable building and property managers to integrate building systems to enhance physical security, simplify management and automate processes. Our software is installed in numerous buildings across several continents.

In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency and security are increasingly important and more difficult to come by. Our access control solutions are simple, elegant, and designed with this in mind. You won’t have to manually enter user info twice, you’ll reduce user errors, and you’ll save yourself and your employees time and hassle while further securing your property.

In this day and age, it’s not enough for a building to only secure itself at exterior access points. Buildings also need to seamlessly secure their elevator access vertically so users cannot freely travel to any desired floor. braXos offers several elevator security options to help fit your building’s needs and provide peace of mind.


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