FLASH Parking Access Control

FLASH Parking Features

On its own, FLASH Parking gives users the ability to schedule and limit parking access, providing a safe and secure environment. But managing both parking access and building access across multiple systems can become painful and onerous. Enter braXos, who seamlessly provides the ability to manage both all through one access control system.

Real Control Rather than parking being dependent on a first-come, first serve basis, control who should actually be on the property, and when.
Auto Sync Automatically sync park access from your access control system, without the use of multiple systems.
No Need to Update Multiple Systems With FLASH Parking, the management of parking access remains within one system.
Real-Time Updating No lag time -- users who are added to and deleted from the access control system are also immediately updated within the parking system.

About FLASH Parking

Launched in 2011, FLASH is both the first and largest cloud-native parking platform, providing industry-leading digital and physical infrastructure.

FLASH’s mobile first technology is completely configurable, and the only platform connecting supply and demand. With this modernization of parking assets, FLASH is helping its users create cleaner, safer, more efficient environments.

With FLASH, property managers and owners, parking operators, and whole communities and cities have the ability to tackle complex mobility issues such as congestion, parking supply and demand, and disjointed user experiences.

Parking Made Simple.

A variety of users can benefit from FLASH Parking, including:

– Properties with a need for upgraded parking systems

– Tenants in commercial buildings

– Residents in residential buildings

With the ability to utilize mobile credentials, your users can have a seamless, touchless experience.

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