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LiftOff 2.11 Release Highlights

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How to Return to Work in a Pandemic World

“In these uncertain times…” How many times have you heard this phrase since COVID-19 came to the forefront of our lives and turned our world upside down? Though the phrase itself may be wearing down, the spirit behind it still rings true. Employers and employees alike are facing real uncertainty as they navigate how to… Read More

LiftOff’s 2.0 release highlighted on and Construction Tech Review

braXos’ latest LiftOff App release was recently featured in multiple publications, highlighting its Access Control Integration and API launch. Publications that highlighted LiftOff 2.0 included: Construction Tech Review: Read More

braXos announces Steward S2 – Pelco Endura Video Integration

Steward, the leading middleware platform for S2 Security Software, announces successful field deployment of integration between S2 Security and Pelco Endura Video System. The Steward Intelligent Security Bus (ISB) connects S2 access control physical security and Pelco Endura IP Video Management systems. This solution integrating IP video cameras, panic buttons, and credential readers delivers real-time… Read More

braXos Releases the Active Directory Connector for Steward

Steward, the leading middleware support for S2 Security Software, has announced immediate availability of a connector that interfaces with Windows Active Directory. The appeal of Steward is a result of its off-the-shelf connectors, which allow S2 end-users to easily and securely share data from enterprise software without the need for custom programming. Today, Active Directory… Read More

Case Studies

New Steward S2-Mircom Integration Case Study Discussing Intelligent Access and Telephone Entry Management

Too often, property access control with apartment intercom systems is an area that doesn’t utilize technology to revolutionize functionality, affordability and ease of use. Intelligent Building Solutions provider Mircom chose braXos Security Software’s Steward middleware platform to reduce customers’ expenses and administration time... Read More

Everbridge Case Study

In today’s uncertain world, organizations need to be prepared for the worst and ready to take action in the event of an emergency. Being prepared and having the right information at your fingertips at the right time is crucial for mass notification services across a mobile and globally distributed workforce. Read More

Release Notes

LiftOff 2.11 Release Highlights

2.11 of LiftOff has been released. This release includes:  QuickLift Push Notifications:  When enabled by a building administrator in Commander, users will receive a push notification as they approach the elevator lobby. Long pressing on the notification will allow the user to call a car from a set of relevant destinations and display the car assignment… Read More

LiftOff 2.10 Release Highlights

2.10 of LiftOff has been released. This release includes:  New API operation that allows authorized 3rd Parties to set the home floor for users. This allows a user to manage their home floor when proceeding through turnstiles, rather than having to update access control system records. New API operation that allows authorized 3rd Parties to… Read More

LiftOff 2.9 Release Highlights

2.9 of LiftOff has been released. This release includes:  Improved Spanish translation of the mobile experience Support for additional special elevator call features on certain platforms: Exclusive VIP and Express VIP  Additional Deployer’s Guide documentation  Read More

LiftOff 2.8 Release Highlights

New Features LiftOff now fully supports Spanish localizations  LiftOff will now alert and report on beacons that have rebooted and need the time-of-day  3rd Parties can use the LiftOff API to create temporary AutoLifts based upon external events. For example, if a 3rd party knows a meeting will take place on the 19th floor at… Read More