IVM Connector Vending Machine Management

IVM Connector Features

The IVM solution automates the on-boarding and off-boarding of personnel with authorization to access vending machine systems. By integrating with braXos Steward middleware, the IVM connector enhances speed and efficiency by eliminating time gaps and errors, streamlining operations, and boosting overall productivity.

Efficient IVM System User Management Seamlessly onboard and offboard employees with a user-friendly and efficient experience for adding, modifying, and removing users.
Sync Control Flexibility to control how often data synchronization happens, allowing for customization and adjustment based on needs.
Inventory Tracking and Management Manages item availability and usage within vending machines by associating them with specific users.
Advanced Access Control Offers automated authorized access by pinpointing the location of where the user is eligible to access the IVM products.

About IVM Connector

IVM, Inc. specializes in cutting-edge vending solutions that grant 24/7 access to vital resources, with a focus on boosting workforce empowerment and enterprise productivity. Their product lineup comprises the SmartStation, SmartLocker, SmartCenter, SmartSync, SmartVault, and SmartHub, all meticulously designed to cater to a broad spectrum of industries, including technology, industrial, retail, education, and healthcare.

Automate Authorized Access

The braXos IVM connector seamlessly integrates cardholder data into the IVM platform, enabling instant access to IVM vending machines upon activation of the corresponding database record.

The braXos IVM connector is crafted to serve a wide spectrum of clientele, encompassing IVM customers equipped with IVM machines and an access control system, alongside organizations characterized by substantial employee size.