NEW LIFT Elevator

NEW LIFT Features

The braXos NEW LIFT Connector seamlessly integrates to the Steward security software platform, offers vertical security integration capabilities with the library of Connectors to access control, wireless lock, intercoms, and other systems. The NEW LIFT Connector offers the following spectrum of functions available on the NEW LIFT destination dispatch controller, including:

Pinpoint Secure Vertical Transportation Determine who has secure access to designated floors.
Manage Lift Security Monitor additions, modifications, and disabling of credentials and automatically regulate lift access based on an authoritative source.
Home Floor Dispatch Speedlanes are integrated with the destination dispatch system through Steward to automatically call a car to a passenger’s pre-set home floor.
Floor Locking Capability Lock and unlock access to certain floors within your building, and even schedule times for designated floors to be accessible.


NEW LIFT prioritizes flexibility in its control systems, utilizing bus technology to adapt to various lift configurations. The company offers individualized solutions through special software programming and custom hardware development, ensuring a high degree of individuality. With over 20 years of experience, NEW LIFT focuses on innovation and quality, constantly evolving its products to deliver flawless components and high-quality end results.

Enable Automated Access Authorization

The braXos NEW LIFT connector facilitates the connection between NEW LIFT Destination Dispatch  and systems such as access control and wireless lock systems, as well as cloud-based smart-door systems.

The braXos NEW LIFT connector is crafted to serve a wide spectrum of clientele, encompassing NEW LIFT customers equipped with NEW LIFT Destination Dispatch.