Vecos Vending Machine Management

Vecos Features

Vecos is a cutting-edge solution transforming workplaces with a multi-tenant SaaS locker system. Using adaptable innovation, the onboarding and off-boarding of personnel is streamlined with clearance to access specific lockers. Combined with braXos’ Steward technology, the Vecos connector enhances speed and efficiency by reducing errors and simplifying a multi-step process into an automated operation.

Automate Data Sync Save meaningful time by eliminating dual-entry, experience near real-time updates, and eliminate errors.
Control Who Accesses the Lockers Based on an authoritative source, automatically control who does and does not have access to lockers.
Ease of Access Users can open lockers with access cards, the Vecos App, PIN codes, or facial recognition.
Enhance Onboarding Ease the process of providing locker access to new employees.

About Vecos

Vecos is an expert in helping people and workplaces flex by offering a dynamic approach to personalized storage solutions. Their self-service electronic locker system provides an adaptable ecosystem and effortless user experience. The Vecos locker system serves a wide range of settings, including workspaces, hospitals, education, and locker rooms.

Intelligent Workplace Storage

The braXos Vecos connector seamlessly integrates personnel data into the Vecos platform, enabling instant access to Vecos lockers upon activation of the corresponding database record.

The braXos Vecos connector serves a wide range of clientele who utilize the Vecos locker system. Vecos has locker solutions for teams, personal use, visitors, changing rooms, IT spare parts, parcel collection, and more.