LiftOff - Touchless Elevator App

Introducing LiftOff, a Touchless Elevator Experience…

Use your SmartPhone to call for an elevator without touching anything outside or inside the cab!

braXos is excited to announce the launch of LiftOff, a mobile SmartPhone iOS & Android App that allows users to call for an elevator on their phone and receive a response detailing what car to proceed to.

In a Post-COVID world, limiting the amount of building touchpoints is extremely important for maintaining the health and safety of tenants and residents. One of the widely touched public access points is the elevator system. braXos has partnered with elevator manufacturers to deliver a touchless elevator experience. When near an elevator kiosk, users will be able to pull out their Smartphone, select which floor they want to go to, and receive a response on their phones detailing which elevator car to proceed to. There is now no need for a building tenant, employee, or resident to touch an elevator kiosk!

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