Elevator Integrations

Looking to vertically secure your property? braXos has built elevator software integrations with industry leading manufacturers including Otis, ThyssenKrupp, KONE, Motion Control Engineering (MCE), Fujitec, Schindler and Mitsubishi.  This solution has been deployed in a wide variety of buildings such as Commercial, Residential properties, Hospitality, and Mixed-Use structures.  Steward’s architecture allows for integration of multiple access control systems.

Human Resources Integrations

Eliminate the dual user entry process by deploying a human resources – access control system integration.  Once a user has been added into the human resources system, the integration automatically provisions users from the HR system into the access control system ensuring no second manual entry error.  Benefit from near real-time updates, including disabling of physical access when a person leaves the organization.

Access Control Integrations

 Looking to move users from one access control system to another in a timely manner? braXos’ 30+ access control system connectors offer connecting disparate systems together, provisioning users from one system into another. This removes the painful email and manual entry/removal process.

Return to Work Solutions

braXos provides Return to Work solutions which assist with ensuring that employees are safely brought back to their office spaces.

Additional Solutions

Educational HR Systems

Need to move thousands of students from an HR system into an access control system? Use braXos to perform an automated provisioning integration from your educational Human Resources System into your access control system.

Cloud Application Integrations

Need to connect two cloud-based systems? braXos’ Steward software can sit in the cloud, providing an end to end cloud solution that does not involve any onsite wiring or installation.

Reporting, Workflows, Integrations

braXos’ Steward software allows you to create and build the complex workflows that you need to meet your tricky integration requirements. Custom reporting, new integrations and unique use cases can all be accomplished via the Steward software.

Mass Communication Notification

Actively track a users’ last known location based on their swipe activity in an access control system and send them a mass notification event based on their last known location via braXos’ Access Control - Mass Notification integration. braXos can also trigger an event in the mass notification system based on specified events that occurred in the access control system.

Time & Attendance

Use Steward to integrate time & attendance platforms to access control systems so that users only gain building access during their allotted windows of work time.

Visitor Management

Integrate your visitor management system into an access control system so that users can automatically be provisioned from the visitor management system into the access control system allowing for a seamless visitor entry into the building via turnstiles or building readers.

Wireless Lock Systems

braXos’ wireless lock connectors integrate with a wide variety of solutions, including elevators, human resources systems, intercom systems and more. Wireless lock connectors include SALTO, Dormakaba SAFLOK, Assa Abloy and Onity.

Security Event Streaming

Stream access control security events from one system to another, allowing for actions to be triggered upon a security event stream.