New Steward S2-Mircom Integration Case Study Discussing Intelligent Access and Telephone Entry Management

Intelligent Access and Telephone Entry Management

Too often, property access control with apartment intercom systems is an area that doesn’t utilize technology to revolutionize functionality, affordability and ease of use.

Intelligent Building Solutions provider Mircom chose braXos Security Software’s Steward middleware platform to reduce customers’ expenses and administration time, improve the user experience and make controlled access security easier and more efficient to use.

This case study details the Steward S2-Mircom Integration and the security solution provided to building property managers.

Challenge: Improve resident safety and lower property management cost of managing multiple systems.

Solution: Steward Intelligent Security Bus connected the S2 Access Control physical security infrastructure and the Mircom Telephone Entry (TX3).

Value Added: The Steward Mircom Integration allowed for a single interface for record entry, reducing administrator time, cost and errors. This software solution improves privacy and controls entry or denial of access to residents, workers and employees.

“The property managers and residents are thrilled with the system. As for working with the braXos team, they are very attuned to the Mircom product and understood S2 intimately,” said Derrick Mitchell with Life Safety Systems. braXos’ Steward Intelligent Security Bus (ISB) is a flexible connectivity infrastructure for integrating applications and services. Steward provisions people and captures safety and security events with secure, efficient automation.

Steward’s integration with Mircom’s TX3 Telephone Entry System with S2 allowed multi-unit residential and commercial property owners to increase security while eliminating redundant manual entries and errors. The Steward S2-Mircom solution allowed for unified access control, telephone entry and residential and commercial building record management. With Steward, Mircom’s TX3 solutions save time and money for property managers and make their buildings safe, secure and more livable.

Most existing buildings have traditional technology that utilizes multiple stand-alone systems, making data entry (such as updating residents’ information) an outdated manual process for property managers. With Steward, Mircom’s technology allows for real-time synchronization, eliminating any time gap that exists when new information is entered and only requiring new information to be entered once.

“In traditional systems, you have a communication system, your touch screen and your access control system, but there’s no synchronization between them,” said Mircom’s Senior Product Manager for Security and Communication Solutions, David Ito. “When someone moves into a property, the administrative staff must input the resident’s information into two disparate systems that are working independently of one another. This causes an administrative delay of data entry into the first one and then the second. Our system allows for one common database to pull information from, which reduces the risk of human error.”

This is where braXos’ Steward S2 comes into play: the software controls all of the data submitted into the Steward S2-Mircom system.

“As an integrator tasked with providing a solution for the building, we were searching for a technology that could link the three separate systems seamlessly — S2, Mircom and the camera system. With more than 3,000 residents, maintaining those data bases manually was nearly impossible and there were often mistakes, but with Steward the process is now simple and requires little training to use,” said Derrick Mitchell with Life Safety Systems, an engineering firm that handles consultation, design, construction, and maintenance of fire protection, physical and logical access control, electronic security, and information technology systems.

The Steward Mircom Integration allows property managers to save administration costs, time and manpower because of how easy it is to update and maintain the synchronized system. Building occupants also benefit from the system thanks to its ability to connect to their mobile phone: residents don’t have to physically be in their unit to allow someone access to the building. The system’s technology lets residents control guest entry from remote locations.

“The property managers and residents are thrilled with the system. As for working with the braXos team, they are very attuned to the Mircom product and understood S2 intimately,” said Mitchell. “There is no guesswork from braXos. They are truly professionals with a great team, and they ensured a smooth transition and support throughout the whole project.”

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