Delivering an integrated holistic security experience to enterprises of all sizes.

braXos offers solutions that eliminate or mitigate vulnerabilities, reduce risk, and improve the overall physical security of your enterprise.

Transform your organization with enterprise applications that enhance your employees’ experience.

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Steward is a flexible and secure solution for integrating applications and services. Its rich set of connectors enables active monitoring and bi-directional communication across a wide range of data sources. Easy to configure, implement and manage, Steward and its library of connectors establishes the foundation for evolving disparate systems into a unified physical security ecosystem.

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The braXos library of connectors features more than 100 system-specific connectors that support a wide range of enterprise software, return to work, access control, elevator, visitor management, building management, and emergency notification systems. They enable fast integration to Steward with no programming and are authored using industry software development standards.

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Solutions Specific to You

braXos is a global developer of building security and connectivity solutions that organizations to integrate enterprise applications to enhance physical security, simplify management and automate processes.

Does your company use multiple systems to manage employee data and onsite/offsite access and security? Do you manage completely separate HR and access control systems? If yes, we can help. Our security software platform–Steward–supports many connectors for both HR and access control systems. Our automated provisioning solutions will not only streamline the onboarding process, but it will also eliminate the need for multiple employee management systems and reduce your manual entry input. With this, you’ll see a reduction in user errors, and save time and money.


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