At braXos, we embrace challenges the market brings to us, and work collaboratively to find the answers.

We’re a tight-knit, highly collaborative team who works closely with our partners and customers wherever in the world they are located. braXos engineers are on mission to design, develop, and deploy security software products, taking requirements from an idea to inception and activation. With innovation at the core of our vision and mission, we welcome new teammates, partners, and organizations to join the braXos community.


Physical security not a part of your enterprise strategic security plan? Experiencing difficulty on-boarding or off-boarding employees, contractors, or a part-time workforce? Unable to effectively notify leadership and teammates when a critical event occurs? Or, simply thinking about how to ideally leverage the rich data held by the access control system?

The braXos team consists of enterprise architects, designers, engineers, and project managers with decades of experience delivering security solutions. When physical security is key to the mission of an enterprise and its people, we can help, no matter if you have one office, or hundreds or global locations.



braXos uses digital innovation to solve the needs and challenges of real companies, including property developers and property managers.  Our advanced technology solutions include a combination of IoT, cloud, apps, software, and on-premise systems. These solutions are designed to enhance tenant, resident, and hotel guest experiences within your building. Property management benefits from state-of-the-art service offerings, while ultimately reduce vacancy and increase renewal percentages. At the same time, you will spend less time on labor heavy tasks through systems integration.


Solutions Specific to You

The combination of our Steward and smART architecture platforms, along with our 150+ library of Connectors makes for a staggering amount of solutions. We want to help you figure out where to start. Here are a few security integration solutions for inspiration and ideation.

Interested in effortless seamless on-boarding and off-boarding of tenants? Tired of a tenant file showing up days later — or worse, that morning and it needs worked on immediately?

A global trend that has emerged is syncing of a tenant’s employees. You can now enable physical access to exterior perimeter doors, secure common areas, and even elevator access!

Reach out to braXos so we can learn about your challenges. Let’s work together to deliver a flawless tenant access experience.

The LiftOff App allows passengers to securely call a cab without ever touching an elevator kiosk. You can even walk into the building and simply look at your mobile device to view which elevator or lift cab to take to your typical floor. It’s automated elevator dispatching without touching the elevator!

Integrate LiftOff functionality into your building app, and sync building tenants and residents from the base building access control system to the LiftOff Commander. Get in touch with us to learn how.

Eliminate the errors, inconsistencies, and duplication of time by automating the creation of new users, modifying existing users, and disabling those exiting your organization — with near real-time performance! The braXos Connector library offers integration to leading HR systems such as Workday, Kronos, Ultimate Software, Okta, SAP, Banner, Active Directory, and many others. Supporting over 30+ access control systems, any organization would benefit from implementing this best security practice! Reach out to us to find out more.


A Connector is an interface developed specifically to a manufacturer or software company’s product or service. braXos authors first-class Connectors, meaning we utilize the very API’s, SDK’s, lower-layer protocol stacks, and endpoints our Connector Partners offer. With this, we’re ensuring your investment is not in a proprietary solution.

Every Connector in the braXos library can work with one another. The odds of finding the combination fitting your enterprise or PropTech company is quite likely! If you don’t see a Connector to an application or system, no worries — our team will build it!

Explore just some of the integrated solutions we offer, or get in touch to find out more about what we can build.


More Connectors


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