Secure your Elevator Systems Confidently with braXos!

Commercial, Hospitality, Residential and Mixed-Use buildings all rely on braXos’ Steward software to seamlessly integrate security and elevator systems for a frictionless user experience.

Flexible Elevator Security to Meet Your Needs

In this day and age, it is not enough for a building to only secure itself at exterior door access points. Buildings need to seamlessly secure their elevator access vertically so that users cannot freely travel to any desired floor.

braXos’ Steward software offers 7 (and growing) elevator destination dispatch connectors that deliver a secure, seamless tenant/resident/guest experience and prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing secure floors. Additionally, updates to elevator systems occur immediately, protecting tenants.

With 30+ Access Control connectors and wireless lock connectors, braXos is able to integrate one or multiple security systems into an elevator system, acting as the elevator’s security head-end.

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Steward is a flexible connectivity infrastructure for integration applications and services. Its rich set of connectors provide broad access control connectivity to a wide range of data sources.

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