KONE Elevator

KONE Features

The braXos KONE Connector provides integration opportunities to enrich and expose the full breadth of KONE Destination Solutions capabilities. The connector plugs into braXos Steward middleware, providing endless integration possibilities between KONE Destination Solutions and an array of access control, building, and enterprise systems.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities Enhanced reporting lets you know what kiosk passengers swiped, where they boarded, what floor they called for, and more -- giving you better control of your security.
Real-Time Security Management Automated listening for credential information (adds, modifications, and deletions) to ensure secure up-to-date access for your residents, tenants, and staff.
Floor Locking Capability Lock and unlock access to certain floors within your building, and even schedule times for floors to be locked or open.
Elevator Car Dispatching Functionality via Steward Utilizing the braXos Scheduler/DispatcherApp, dispatch a car to a certain floor on-demand.

About KONE

KONE is a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, building and servicing automatic doors and gates, escalators and elevators, making the world’s cities better places to live. KONE Destination Solutions significantly improve efficiency and convenience utilizing advanced and flexible technology with attractive, user-friendly operating panels, touchscreens and mobile applications.

Enhance your elevator flow.

Together, the braXos KONE Connector and KONE Destination Solutions work in concert to provide an abundant set of elevator security integration possibilities. The connector supports a Hybrid KONE system where some of the floors have Destination Dispatch Operation Panels (DOPs) and some have traditional up/down call buttons Car Operational Panels (COPs). It also supports special features such as Priority (VIP), Handicap, Empty Car, and Space Allocation (service car to provide more space). Some other features include:

-Global and per-kiosk access masks for DOPs and COPs

-In-Car card reader security

-Turnstile Integration support

The braXos KONE connector is for those in commercial, hospitality, and residential markets who already utilize KONE and are looking to enhance the security and safety of their building.

braXos is KONE Factory Certified for KONE ELI, KONE RCGIF (Turnstile integration), KONE ACCESS, and KONE API. Our deep expertise, knowledge, and integration with KONE allows us to provide best in class elevator security integration offerings.