ServiceNow Interface Access Control

ServiceNow Interface Features

Using braXos technology, ServiceNow can drive workflow automations involving human resources, risk management, and security operations with physical access control, enterprise IT, and building systems, accelerating project delivery timelines and minimizing project cost.

Simplify Onboarding As new employees enter the system and puts in requests for access, the braXos ServiceNow Interface automatically creates new employee records, minimizing manual input.
Manage Employee Requests Whether an employee is requesting benefits through HR or equipment from IT, the braXos ServiceNow Interface keeps track of it all in an easy-to-use portal.
Track Each Step With the braXos ServiceNow Interface, you'll have an audit trail, helping you keep track of each step of any process or request.
Control Access The braXos ServiceNow Interface facilitates employee accesses granted -- and when an employee leaves, it will deactivate any accesses, leaving no gap in security.

About ServiceNow Interface

Founded in 2004 by Fred Luddy, ServiceNow is an American software company based in Santa Clara, California. ServiceNow provides enterprise cloud computing solutions that define, structure, consolidate, manage, and automate services for enterprises worldwide through its workflow automation, electronic service catalogs and portals. ServiceNow facilitates the management of digital workflows for enterprises by providing service management and help desk functions through its platform-as-a-service offerings, automating such functions as customer service, human resources, security operations, and integrated risk management.

Simplify Your Processes.

The ServiceNow Interface is for any enterprise that already uses ServiceNow and wants to utilize and compose a workflow where employees can have their access provisioned and workflow processes defined.

ServiceNow customers can extend its rich workflow capabilities to any connector in the braXos Steward connector library by utilizing braXos Steward and the braXos Steward REST Connector. ServiceNow workflows can then deliver enterprise data into other systems through Steward (such as access control systems), and similarly have systems otherwise inaccessible to ServiceNow deliver data into it.