Workday Human Resources

Workday Features

The braXos Workday Connector, when deployed into the braXos Steward platform, provides integrators and customers the capability of surfacing HR data from the Workday cloud. Through its querying capabilities, braXos Steward customers can source data from Workday for delivery to their enterprise and physical security systems. So whether you have contractors needing access to specific sites, seasonal employees whose credentials need to be modified, or simply need a better way of processing thousands of employees into disparate systems, the Workday connector can help you keep up with it all.



Large Scale Capabilities Need to handle thousands of employees, each with different statuses? The braXos Workday connector can be used on a large scale for enterprises that are constantly changing.
Fast and Simple No need to update multiple systems. The Workday connector can help manage all platforms -- from HR to access. From onboarding to termination -- update an employee once.
Multiple Locations, Simple Solution Have multiple locations? Data will transfer to each site. If an employee transfers, no need to set everything up again -- it's already there.
One Source of Truth Through the use of Steward, facilitate the provisioning of Workday data into different systems -- whether it's access control, emergency event notification systems, or something else.

About Workday

Founded in 2005 by former PeopleSoft executives David Duffield and Aneel Bhusri, Workday provides human resource management solutions through a SaaS model to medium and large enterprises. Occupying the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud HCM Suites and Financial Planning and Analysis, Workday delivers the tooling to manage time tracking, procurement, employee data, financial accounting, and expense management from any device any where. Workday’s Human Capital Management features provide organizations the technology to perform workforce planning, recruiting, and talent management in one system, giving complete visibility into the organization’s global workforce.

Update Once, Update Everywhere.

The braXos Workday connector is for any organization that already utilizes Workday — from large, multi-location enterprises with thousands of employees with different statuses to small, single-site companies who need a simpler way to manage employees and security accesses.

When it comes to human resources, there’s a lot to manage. Some employees are allowed certain accesses, others are not. Some employees are full-time, others may be contractors. And there are multiple systems to manage related to each employee, status, and permissions. With the braXos Workday connector, there’s a bilateral flow of data — wherever you update an employee, it’s automatically updated everywhere else, simplifying your workflow. Whether an employee is promoted and given new clearance, or terminated and you need to immediately end access to all sites and systems, the braXos Workday connector can handle it all, giving you peace of mind and simplifying your process.