Enjoy the benefits of Automated Provisioning!

Eliminate manual entry, reduce user errors, and save time through our automated provisioning solution.

Better Maintain Your Time with Automated Provisioning

Does your company use multiple systems to manage employee data and onsite/offsite access and security? Do you manage completely separate HR and access control systems? If yes, which seems to be the case at most companies today, we have a highly beneficial solution for you.

Our automated provisioning and deprovisioning solution saves you time, money, and frustration. How does it work? Our security software platform–Steward–integrates different systems through its rich library of connectors. Steward supports many connectors for both HR and access control systems. Once your HR system is integrated with your access control system through Steward, automated provisioning becomes a reality you benefit from tremendously!


  Automated provisioning and deprovisioning drastically reduces user errors. Instead of entering employee information a few times into different systems, you only need to enter that same information once. The elimination of manual processes reduces the margin of error, which by default, makes your organization more secure. 

  By eliminating manual entry, you’re saving valuable and costly time. You no longer need multiple employees managing multiple systems–Steward takes on these manual tasks, so your employees can focus their time and energy on more meaningful and fulfilling work. 

  Automated provisioning streamlines the onboarding process. Once employees are added to the system, they’ll receive access to the resources they need to do their jobs. You no longer have to oversee this crucial and time-consuming step of the onboarding process. Also, automated deprovisioning removes users who are no longer at the company and immediately limits or denies them access to company resources, systems, and buildings, again making your organization more secure.

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Steward, as mentioned above, defines the conversation between your HR system and the access control system. But Steward is also so much more. It’s a flexible connectivity infrastructure for integration of many different applications and services, from return to work to elevator security solutions.

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