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Vertical Transportation

A No Contact Mobile Solution for Modern Elevator Systems

Touchless Elevator Access Technology

The LiftOff elevator app, available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, installs in seconds, providing users a rich set of seamless dispatching capabilities:

No Contact Dispatch

LiftOff allows riders to call an elevator car for dispatch to a destination without touching the elevator system.


The LiftOff elevator app is available to iPhone and Android users. Call an elevator car from your phone or iWatch, receive an assignment, and off you go!


LiftOff uses end-to-end encryption to ensure riders are within the vicinity of the elevator cars while still observing social distancing guidelines.


LiftOff riders can define schedules for automatic car calling, so even selecting a destination becomes optional. “Shake” the phone to call a ride to a default floor!

Keyless Unlock

LiftOff users can unlock secured floors without the need of a card or fob — and without ever removing their phones from their pockets.


LiftOff’s Commander software allows authorized property managers to monitor LiftOff activity, set alerts and thresholds for use, and define authorized floor access and special privileges (e.g.: VIP), all through an elegant, cloud-based interface.

The Latest and Greatest LiftOff Release

We’re excited to introduce to you our newest version of LiftOff, braXos’ touchless elevator technology that’s now integratable with third-party apps and has a new LiftOff Connector! These updates continue to improve upon the first class touchless elevator experience, delivering seamless integration functionality across multiple platforms. Read on to find out why. Then request an overview!

Need Third-Party Integration? Easy!

LiftOff now includes a third-party API that allows sophisticated properties with their own mobile app to integrate with LiftOff. Many property management groups have apps that allow their tenants and residents to do things such as open work orders, track shipments, register visitors, and temporarily allow access to secured areas for guests. These apps can now integrate LiftOff technology into them, so users can ride elevators with a touchless experience.

At a technical level, this means making standards-based, secure, REST APIs (and associated documentation) available for consumption by third-parties in the braXos cloud. Third-parties will coordinate with braXos to acquire the client keys necessary to invoke the REST API from their mobile applications. braXos will also work with third-parties to ensure that the functionality and integration into their mobile application is as seamless as possible.

Merging LiftOff & Steward Creates Seamless Integration Possibilities

With the latest LiftOff release, a new LiftOff Connector is available in the braXos Connector Library. This gives properties the same, full-featured integration richness with LiftOff that they experience with other braXos Steward integrations. Users can be on-boarded, off-boarded, and have their accessible floors managed in the access control system using braXos Steward and the new LiftOff connector. This eliminates error-prone double-entry into both the access control system and LiftOff Commander.

The connector also allows events in the access control system (such as proceeding through a turnstile) to generate push notifications to LiftOff users. For example, as a user proceeds through a turnstile and the elevator car dispatched is displayed on the turnstile display panel, a push notification will appear on the user’s phone. This functionality aids riders in remember which car to proceed to and helps eliminate the need to place a second call for an elevator car due to forgotten car allocations.

LiftOff in Action

Dive Deeper

LiftOff enables safe, secure, and convenient vertical transportation.

Today, one of the modern challenges our world faces is a global pandemic. There are many obstacles we need to overcome as a result, but using elevators to get to where we need to go shouldn’t be one. As such, we created LiftOff, a true touchless elevator experience that does not require users to press buttons, swipe their devices or cards, or wait long for cabs. Users simply select their floor from the LiftOff mobile app and are directed to the next available cab. LiftOff minimizes crowds in front of elevator kiosks during peak periods.

Once they enter the building, LiftOff users can select their floor through gesture control, go directly to the first available cab, and get to their home or office without contacting a building surface. The app also provides an elegant building experience by automatically locating the user’s location without having to select a source floor.

With LiftOff, we’re really providing a no contact mobile solution for our modern challenges. Request an overview now!

As a User:

The LiftOff journey begins by downloading the LiftOff elevator app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Registration is a simple process that takes less than a minute to complete, with no passwords to remember. Walk to a bank of LiftOff-enabled elevators, and LiftOff presents the set of destinations authorized to call. The elevator called is displayed with a touch of the desired destination. Should one of the destinations not be accessible, a click of the “Don’t see your floor?” link submits a request to the building for access.

LiftOff also provides the ability to call an elevator automatically with Auto Lift. Set the schedule, the source and destination floors, and with LiftOff not even running, a walk to the elevator bank causes a car to be called. If a confirmation is desired, LiftOff will call the car only after a quick shake of the phone. A notification is sent of the elevator dispatched.

As a Building Administrator:

After installing LiftOff mobile and setting an administrative PIN code, the building administrator can use browser-based LiftOff Commander to control who has access to which floors and when. The user management facility allows the administrator to enroll tenants into the LiftOff system. CSV upload permits bulk provisioning of user permissions. Users are placed into Floor Access Groups that govern which floors are accessible by its members. Special privileges, such as VIP elevator calling, are similarly managed.

LiftOff Commander’s dashboard and reporting capabilities allow for actionable analysis of elevator usage, beacon health, and Auto Lift utilization. Building policies control how many LiftOff calls can be made and from which floors Auto Lift may be used. Requests for access by LiftOff users are managed and acknowledged with a simple click.

Rider (Tenant/Resident/End User) Key Features

* Fast: Easy, 30-second mobile app enrollment
* Nimble: In-app one-touch elevator car calling of authorized destinations
* Elegant: Define Auto Lift schedules that automatically call an elevator without the app even running
* Optimized: Hard-press the LiftOff elevator app to perform a Quick Lift elevator call for frequently called destinations
* Integrated: Request access to secured floors through the LiftOff app

Building Management Key Features

* Natural: Modern, easy-to-use interface for managing rider destination access, special privileges, and roles
* Flexible: Rider enrollment through ad hoc, bulk upload, and self-registration mechanisms
* Powerful: LiftOff elevator activity reporting, beacon health, and rider configuration, exportable as CSV or Excel
* Secure: Two-factor authentication to the LiftOff Commander management portal

Q1: How do I download the LiftOff App?

The LiftOff App is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for download. See Apple Store and Google Play Store links at the bottom of the page. There is no cost to download the LiftOff!

Q2: Is there a cost to download the LiftOff elevator app?

The LiftOff App is free to download!

Q3: How do I request access to a specific building or floors?

The building manager can pre-enroll you for access in LiftOff with your appropriate floor(s) of access.

After downloading and launching the elevator app, all accessible floor(s) (if any) are presented to the user on the car call screen when at an elevator bank. If a floor(s) of access is missing, you can request access through the LiftOff App and the floor(s) will be added upon an access grant from the building.

Q4: Can I call for an elevator cab while I’m away from my building?

For security reasons, the answer is No. You can only call for an elevator when you are within range of the elevator kiosk or nearest beacon in the lobby or floor(s) you have access to.

Q1: As a Property Manager, once LiftOff is installed, what’s the minimum I need to do to allow LiftOff calls? 

Out-of-the-box, an “Everyone” floor access group defines the rules for the off-the-street LiftOff Passenger.

Q2: As a Property Manager, how are riders enrolled in the system, so I can extend access to otherwise-restricted floors?

There are three ways a rider can be enrolled, so that the building can assign floor access:

1. Riders can request access via the LiftOff app

2. The property can add them directly in LiftOff Commander’s User facility

3. The property can perform a load of the rider information from a file

Q3: I see that the phone number is used to associate the mobile device with the identity of the rider. I don’t feel comfortable giving out my (or my tenants’) phone number. Is it stored in the system? 

No. LiftOff does not store phone numbers, only a security hash and enough of the start and end of the number to allow a property to distinguish between riders.

Q4: How, as a Property Manager, do I restrict access to certain floors?

LiftOff Commander allows you, the property manager, to determine groups of access. Groups can be created for a specific tenant (Ex: braXos Inc. has access to floors 5 + 6), by floor, or by role in the building (Ex: Engineer group has access to all floors).

Q5: Can I call for an elevator cab while I’m away from my building?

NO! To maintain building safety & security, you can only utilize the LiftOff app to call for an elevator cab when in range of the nearest kiosk/beacon that you have access to.

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