Secure your hotel elevators through our wireless lock integration!

Our hotel elevator and wireless lock solution allows your guests to stay with you comfortably.

Secure Your Elevators with Wireless Lock Integration

When staying at hotels or mixed-use residences, your guests want to feel safe. They want their belongings to be secure when they’re not onsite, and they want to feel protected like they do in their own homes. One way to ensure you’re creating a safe & secure experience is through our hotel elevator and wireless lock integration. Our solution enables only guests of the property and staff members to access the elevators. Additionally, guests are only able to access the floor they’re staying on and any other floor the property manager designates as accessible. 

How does it work? Steward, our security software platform, makes it possible to integrate a variety of systems together. In this case, Steward merges its elevator and wireless lock connectors to create one seamless and secure experience for your guests. Both physical key cards and mobile cards/credentials can be integrated.   

Creating a safe experience for your guests is more important than ever in a world that faces new security challenges often. Through our hotel elevator integration, your guests can enjoy their stays knowing their rooms and floors are secured.

Real-Life Scenarios

–  Let’s say someone who isn’t a guest wants to go use the hotel’s facilities like the laundry or the gym. The doors to the stairs are locked. They try the elevators. But our solution prohibits anyone who isn’t a guest or staff member to access the elevators, in turn keeping them from accessing secure hotel floors meant only for guests.

–  Let’s say your guests are tired after traveling a long way to get to your hotel. As they’re checking in, the staff member helping them uses the concierge app to call an elevator car that will take the guests exactly where they need to go. The ability to do so enhances your services as well as the guests’ experience.

–  Let’s say one of your guests is running late to an event and realizes they forgot something in their room. They scan their credentials (either physical or mobile keycard) at the kiosk and are directed to a specific elevator car that automatically takes them to their home floor. Our solution streamlines the guest experience and makes for a confident and enjoyable stay.

Improve your guest experience even more through LiftOff.

Our touchless elevator technology app allows users to call elevator cars without touching an elevator kiosk. LiftOff users can unlock secured floors without the need of a card or fob — and without ever removing their phones from their pockets. Provide an even more secure and streamlined experience for your guests by using LiftOff!

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