Archon - Customized User Access Requesting, Reporting, and Monitoring

Archon helps you organize, manage, and audit secure building access – from across the room or across the world.

User Access Management Made Easy Through Archon's Intelligent Workflow Platform

Customize Workflows

Archon allows you to customize requests for access so that user access is properly granted by the appropriate parties and tracked for auditing purposes.


Every request and response that runs through Archon is tracked so you know exactly who requested access, who granted access, and the timing of everything.

Audit Automation

Set up automated audit reports so you know exactly who has access to a specified room and who requested access during a specified period of time.


Archon is built in a safe and secure way to protect data and ensure information stays safe.

Integration Functionality

Archon integrates with 30+ access control, enterprise software, and building technologies to provide the customized workflow you require.

Save Time

No more hunting for old access request emails through your archives. Archon centralizes all access requests so you know exactly who requested access and when.

On-Demand Report Generation

Need a report ASAP? Archon's on-demand report generation functionality allows you to quickly put a report together in a few clicks.

Dive Deeper

Archon helps you organize, manage, and audit secure building access – from across the room or across the world.

Automate and streamline the manual access request process and eliminate paper or spreadsheet record-keeping.

Generate on-demand reports, keeping your organization compliant while saving time.

Built for small and large organizations alike, our user-friendly interface allows employees to request, approve, and revoke building access with a few clicks, all while tracking your workflow. Cloud, Private Cloud, and On-Premises options allow facility access control from remote and on-site locations.

Tired of dealing with email requests for access to a specified room? And tired of having to find those email threads at the end of the year to compile for an auditor?

Archon removes this burden by streamlining the room access request and audit process. Sitting on top of the access control system, Archon allows for a requester to request access to a specified room or group and for an approver (or multiple approvers) to grant/deny access once it has been requested.

Upon an access grant, Archon will automatically add the access to the user’s profile in the access control system, ensuring both the requester/approver never have to touch the access control system.

Archon then stores the request/approval dialogue so that at the end of a month/quarter/year, an audit is kept and utilized detailing the interaction. 

Reports can also be created and automated detailing who has access to a certain room during a period of time, who has requested access to that room, and who the approver(s) of the room is.

Customized workflows can be created to ensure access goes through the proper channels before access is granted.

Q1. Is Archon on-premise or in the cloud? 

For almost all customers, Archon is an on-premise solution that runs behind the organization’s firewall. 

Q2. Can Archon run in the cloud?

Yes. If the resources Archon talks to are all cloud-hosted, Archon can run in the cloud.

Q3. What does Archon run on?

Archon runs on a modern version of Windows Server, with modest hardware requirements. Some customers may elect to have braXos supply a physical server, but customers are free to supply their own dedicated server, either physical or virtual. 

Q4. Who installs Archon? Who composes the workflows? 

Unless specifically requested otherwise, a braXos deployment engineer installs Steward and composes the integrations on the customer’s behalf. Customers only need to supply their requirements, participate in acceptance testing, and provide access to the Steward server — braXos is a TeamViewer corporate customer, but can use whatever the organizational standard for remote access is. 

Q5. How is Archon licensed? 

Archon is licensed as a perpetual license. The connectors used in the composition of the full Archon integration are similarly licensed. braXos professional services are also generally used in Archon and connector installation and configuration.

Q6. How long does it take to get Archon installed and configured? 

Depending upon the complexity of the integration, and whether a new connector needs to be created or an existing one enhanced, the timelines can vary. A standard integration timeline from start to finish is around 8 weeks. This includes server install, network connectivity, configuration, testing, modifications, as needed, go live and initial support.

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